BSEB English Book Chapter 9. The Simple Things Class 7th Solutions

BSEB Bihar Board English Book Solutions Chapter 9. The Simple Things Class 7th Solutions (ये साधारण चीजें)

The Simple Things Class 7th Solutions

9. The Simple Things
(ये साधारण चीजें)


B. Let’s Comprehend :
B.1. Think and Tell :

Q. (a) Name five things which are simple as mentioned in the poem.
Ans. plain dress, starry sky, full moon night, flooded river, a galloping horse.

Q. (b) When can you see a rainbow?
Ans. When rain is over and the sun is at the horizon, we see a rainbow in the sky.

Q. (c) Name one simple thing from the poem that you eat.
Ans. bread. .

B.2. Think and Write:
B.2.1. Tick () the correct answer :

1. What does ‘a patch of green’ refer to ?
(a) a green coloured saree
(b) a small piece of land with plants, trees and grass
(c) a green patch on a shirt

2. ‘The touch of a loving hand’ refers to:
(a) someone who cares for you
(b) someone touching you
(c) a broken hand

3. ‘A song of old’ refers to :
(a) a new song
(b) an old song

4. ‘A summer shower’ refers to :
(a) taking a bath on a hot day
(b) rainfall during summer
(c) a hot water bath during summer

5. According to the poem the simple things in life are:
(a) good
(b) bad

Ans. 1. (b), 2. (a), 3. (b), 4. (b), 5. (a)

B.2.2. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words.

Q. 1. Where do the birds make nest?
Ans. The birds commonly make their nests in trees, some birds make their nests in bushes, houses or walls, etc.

Q. 2. What type of water do you like to drink?
Ans. I like to drink fresh cold water.

Q. 3. Name five things that you like most.
Ans. I like milk, chocolate, playing ball, watching TV serials and travelling by train most.
(Students may answer according to their own choices.)

C. Word Study:
C.L.Spellings :

Put a cross mark (x) against the words with incorrect spellings and then write the correct spelling in the space provided. The words are from the text.
1. patche
2. mater
3. lafter.
4. favourit
5. flovers
6. criket

1. (x) patch
2. (x) matter
3. (x) laughter
4. (x) favourite
5. (x) flowers
6. (x) cricket

C.2. Opposites :
Q. Match the words with their opposites
1. small cry
2. life stale
3. high new
4. laugh low
5. fresh hot
6. cold big
7. old death

1. small big
2. life death
3. high low
4. laugh cry
5. fresh. stale
6. cold hot
7. old new

Q. Use the words small, big, hot, cold, old and new in sentences of your own.
Ans. Small   – Rohit bought a small box.
big    – He plays with a big ball.
hot    – The day was very hot.
cold    – It is very cold today.
old      – I do not like old books.
new     – My father gave me a new dress.

C.3. Rhyming words:

Say the following pairs of rhyming words aloud.
1.   best         nest         rest
2.  cold         old,         fold
3.  high         sky          fly

Q. Add one word more to each of the above pairs that rhymes with the words in the pair.
Ans. rest – west
fold – bold
fly – sky

D. Grammar :
D.1.Making comparisons
Read the following line from the poem :
The simplest things in life are best.

In the above sentence the word ‘simplest’ and ‘best’ are in superlative degree.
Usually when we add ‘est’ to words like simple, tall, near, brave, fine, small, great etc., they are said to be in their superlative form. When we add ‘er’ to them they are in their comparative form. For example:
small                    smaller              smallest
tall                        taller                   tallest
great                    greater                greatest
near                     nearer                 nearest

Q. Now, change the following words in their comparative and superlative forms.
rich                   Ans. richer                  richest
poor                          poorer                 poorest
dark                          darker                  darkest
bright                       brigher                 brightest
old                           older                      oldest
young                      younger                youngest
simple                     simpler                 simplest

Now look at comparative and superlative forms of the following words.
Positive           Comparative         Superlative
good                 better                      best
bad                   worse                     worst
little                 less                         least
much               more                        must

Here you see that new words have come in their comparative and superlative forms and ‘er’ or ‘est’ has not been added to them.
Words of more than one syllable take comparative and ‘most’ in superlative form.

Beautiful                    more beautiful                most beautiful
intelligent                   more intelligent              most intelligent
laborious                    more laborious                most laborious
useful                         more useful                     most useful

Q. Write down the comparative and superlative forms of the words given below.
difficult                 Ans. more difficult                most difficult
favourite                        more favourite               most favourite
dangerous                     more dangerous             most dangerous
careful                            more careful                   most careful
learned                            more learned                 most learned

The Simple Things Class 7th Solutions

Q. Complete the following sentences superlative form of the underlined words.
1. This building is very old. It is the …………. Building in town.
2. I run fast. My brother runs …………… than I.
3. It was a very happy day. It was …………. day of my life.
4. It is a very good film. It is the ………… film I have ever seen.
5. She has a small house. My house is ……. than her house.
6. It was a very bad mistake. It was the ……….. mistake I have ever made.
7. She is pretty. But I am ………….. than she.
8. It was a very cold day. It was the….. day of the year.

Ans. oldest, 2. faster, 3. happiest, 4. best, 5. smaller, 6. worst, 7. prettier, 8. coldest.

E. Let’s Talk and Write:

Q. Work in pairs. Discuss five things that you like or dislike. Then write five things you like and five things you dislike.
I like playing football …………….
I dislike smoking …………….
I like …………
I dislike ……………
I ……………

Ans. I dislike sitting idle. I like biscuits.
I like watching TV. I dislike taking tea.
I like reading a book.
I like travelling by a train, playing cricket, to speak truth, to ride a bicycle and to live in peace.
I dislike telling a lie, moving aimlessly, eating meat, shouting in the class and crowded place.

F. Translate into English:
1. मैं सुबह में टहलना पसंद करता हूँ ।
2. बच्चों को इन्द्रधनुष देखना अच्छा लगता है ।
3. वह झूठ बोलना पसंद नहीं करती है ।
4. हॉकी मेरा प्रिय खेल है।
5. झगड़ा करना मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता ।

1. I like to walk in the morning.
2. Children like to watch rainbow.
3. She does not like to tell a lie.
4. Hockey is my favourite play.
5. I do not like to fight.

G. Activity:
Language game.
A learner will write a word ‘SUPERLATIVE’ on the blackboard. Now let’s see who can make the maximum number of words from it. The first one has been done for you:

Ans. sup, relative, paste, eat, late, serial, reap, tie, stripe, plea, pie, plate, live, tea, leave, strip, leap, sit, seat, rat, tap, vase, ear, eve, please, Ursa, Ural, urite, urea, real, pale, rail, tear, user, peat, viral, era, vain, lest, rate, sue, vite, site, lite, tile, pile, slate, pit, see, is, at, tease, lease, ate, vest, pert, let, reap, rape, us, pear, are, rate, later, peruse, purse, purl, pure, rupee, rupees, it, lit, purr, lea, alter, use, ulster, ulna, tape, plus, pure, lure, sure, sur, sir, slip, sleep, sip, tip, tire. (Students may try further).


Q. 1. Write the summary of the poem, “The Simple Things’.
Hint: See the ‘Summary of the Lesson’ on page 69.

Q. 2. Give your feeling of the poem, ‘These Simple Things’.
Ans. In the poem, ‘These Simple Things’, the poet refers to about the importance of simple things in our life. Simple things are best useful and important for us. These things are easily available and add much to our personality. They give us the real enjoyment and vigour of life. So, we should not run after the pomp and show of the life.

The Simple Things Class 7th Solutions

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