BSEB English Book Chapter 3. Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp Class 7th Solutions

BSEB Bihar Board Class 7 English Book Solutions Chapter 3. Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp Class 7th Solutions (अलादीन को मिला चमत्‍कारी चिराग)

Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp Class 7th Solutions

3. Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp
(अलादीन को मिला चमत्‍कारी चिराग)


B. Let’s Comprehend:
B. 1. Think and Tell:

Q. 1. What did Aladdin do all the day?
Ans. Aladdin played all the day in the street with other boys.

Q. 2. Why was Aladdin happy?
Ans. Aladdin was happy because the wizard bought him beautiful clothes.

Q. 3. When did the genie appear?
Ans. The genie appeared when Aladdin rubbed the magical ring on his finger.

B. 2. Think and Write:

Q. 1. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements.
(a) Aladdin lived with his father.
(b) The wizard was Aladdin’s uncle.
(c) The wizard was from China.
(d) Aladdin was lazy and did not work.
(e) The wizard bought Aladdin a watch.

Ans. (a) → F, (b) → F,  (c) →  F, (d) →  T, (e) → F.

B.2.2. Tick () the most appropriate answer to each of the following questions.

Q. 1. Why did the wizard make a fire?
(a) because it was cold.
(b) because he was tired.
(c) because he wanted to cast a spell.
(d) because he wanted to cook food.

Q.2. What did the wizard want Aladdin to get from under the stone ?
(a) a stone
(b) jewels
(c) a ring
(d) a lamp

Ans. 1. (c), 2. (d).

B.2.3. Answer the following questions in not more than 50 words.

Q. 1. The wizard casts a spell twice in the story. What happens each time?
Ans. At the first time when the wizard cast a spell, the ground shook and there was a great noise and smoke. There also appeared a hole in the ground.
The next time, when he cast spell the stone came down and shut Aladdin in the hole.

Q. 2. Why did the wizard get angry with Aladdin ?
Ans. The wizard wanted that lamp what he commanded Aladdin to get out of the hole. Aladdin when came up did not showed the lamp. So, the wizard became very angry.

Q. 3. How was Aladdin able to come out of the big hole?
Ans. Aladdin first of all cried loudly for a help to save him but nobody heard him. He, then, rubbed the ring on his finger and a genie appeared. The genie put him out of the hole.

Q. 4. The wizard had told Aladdin that he was his uncle but this was not true. Why do you think the wizard lied to Aladdin and his mother ?
Ans. The wizard was a wicked person. He wanted to entangle Aladdin for his bad intention. So, he lied to Aladdin and his mother.

C. Word Study:
C.1.Look at the following sentences:
Suddenly the earth opened. Aladdin was outside in the sun again. He was happy and ran home quickly to his mother.
The word ‘suddenly’ is made by adding ‘ly’ to the word ‘sudden’. same happens in ‘quickly’ where ‘ly’ is added to ‘quick’. ‘ly’ is called suffix as it is added at the end of a word.

Q. Can you think of more words which are formed in such a way? fi
   Ans. happy    –     happily,
              brave     –      bravely,
              quiet      –     quietly,
              secret     –    secretly.

Help box : happy    quiet     brave    secret

C.2.Look at the following sentences:
Then they went for a long walk. They walked along a stony path.

Q. Here, ‘y’ has been added to the noun ‘stone’ to make it an 1 adjective ‘stony’ meaning full of stones. Can you think of more words where meaning changes similarly due to addition of ‘y’ ?
 Ans. dream –  dreamy       hair   –    hairy       storm  –  stormy
            need   –  needy          bone  –   bony      crunch   –  crunchy

Help Box:   dream    hair    storm    need    bone    crunch

D. Grammar :
Using ‘Shall’ for promise
Look at the following sentences:
I shall buy you some beautiful clothes.

Q. Here ‘shall’ is used for making promise. Now, rewrite the sentences given below, substituting ‘promise’ in the sentences. Also make other necessary changes in the sentence. The first one is done for you.
(a) He has promised to help me. = He shall help me.
(b) He promises to help me.
(c) She has promised to reconsider the matter.
(d) They have promised to invite the Chief Minister.
(e) The headmaster promises to improve sports facilities.

Ans. (b) He shall help me.
           (c) He shall consider the matter.
           (d) They shall invite the Chief Minister.
           (e) The headmaster shall improve sports facilities.

E. Let’s talk:
Q. Tell this story to your friend.
Hint :  Students themselves should do.

F. Composition :
Q. 1. Let us assume that the story of Aladdin has not ended yet. Continue the story to your liking and give it a different end in about five sentences.
Ans. Aladdin understood the use of that magic lamp, and became very happy. He showed the miracle of the lamp to his mother and became a powerful boy.
He learnt how to use the lamp, and fulfilled all his desires.
His mother became very happy and spent rest of her life happily..
In the later life, Aladdin became a very popular man with help of the lamp.

Q. 2. If you were given a ring which could grant you any wish, what would you wish for ?
Ans. If I would get miraculous magical ring, I do good for our society and living beings. Because, society’s welfare is our collective interest.

G. Translation
Translate into Hindi :

Q. Long, long ago in Arabia, there lived a boy whose name was Aladdin. He lived in a small house with his mother. They were very poor. But Aladdin was lazy. He did not work at all. Everyday he played in the street with other boys.
Hint : .See the meaning of the first paragraph on page 22

H. Activity
Q. Draw the picture of a lamp and name its parts.
Hint : Do yourself.


Short Answer Type Questions
Q. 1. Who was Aladdin ?
Ans. Aladdin was a little Arabian boy.

Q. 2. Where did Aladdin live?
Ans. Aladdin lived with his mother in a small house of Arabia.

Q. 3. Why did Aladdin like the wizard ?
Ans. Aladdin was a poor boy. The wizard gave him beautiful clothes, so he liked him.

Long Answer Type Questions:

Q. 1. Write the summary of the lesson, ‘Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp’.
Hint : See the ‘Summary of the Lesson’ on page 21.

Q. 2. Why did Aladdin not want to live in the hole?
Ans. Aladdin was a poor little boy. In the hole, he was alone and frightened. A boy like Aladdin cannot live in a lonely place. So, he did not like to live there, in the hole.

Aladdin Found the Wonderful Lamp Class 7th Solutions

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