BSEB English Book Chapter 15. The Girl With Crutches Class 7th Solutions

BSEB Bihar Board English Book Solutions Chapter 15. The Girl With Crutches Class 7th Solutions (वही बैसाखीवाली लड़की) The Girl With Crutches Class 7th Solutions

The Girl With Crutches Class 7th Solutions

15. The Girl With Crutches
(वही बैसाखीवाली लड़की)


B. Let’s Comprehend:
B.1. Think and Tell:
Q. 1. Who is ‘T’ in the story?
Ans. ‘I’ is used for the writer of the story.

Q. 2. Who was the elderly lady?
Ans. The elderly lady was the mother of Sabra Sabra Tarannum:

Q. 3. Why had the girl come to school?
Ans. The girl came to school to get admission.

Q. 4. Which class was the girl admitted in?
Ans. The girl was admitted in class VI.

Q. 5. Who was the doctor?
Ans. Sabra Sabra Tarannum was the doctor.

B.2. Think and Write:
B.2.1. Answer in a word or a sentence :
Q. 1. What was the teacher doing in his office ?
Ans. The teacher was preparing a report in his office on out of school children.

Q. 2. Which leg of the girl was affected by polio?
Ans. The right leg.

Q. 3. What did the girl do when other students played?
Ans. The girl would listen to the success story of physically disabled persons when other students played.

Q. 4. What did the girl become at last?
Ans. The girl, at last, became a doctor.

Q. 5. Why did the girl say “please don’t call me ‘madam’ ?”
Ans. The girl was once a student of the patient who said her ‘madam’, so she objected him to say thus.

B.2.2. Answer in detail.

Q. 1. Why did the teacher call the girl ‘a child with special need’
Ans. The teacher was a reasonable man. It was his feeling that a person who born disabled is a challenge for the society. So it is the duty of the society to give him more facilities than an ordinary child.

Q. 2. Why did the mother call the girl ‘a burden’? Is she really a burden on the family?
Ans. The mother felt the life of the girl very difficult. She considered that the family would have to help the girl always in her life. So, she called her ‘a burden’:
No, such a child is not a burden on the family but he needs a special care and facilities.

Q. 3. How did the teacher encourage the girl?
Ans. The teacher narrated the girl the success stories of disabled persons, usually at the lunch hour of the school. He told her the stories of Helen Keller, Milton, Homer, Louis Braille, Stephen Hawking, Surdas, Ravindra Jain and Sudha Chandran. Thus, the teacher encouraged the girl.

Q. 4. How did Tarannum prove that she was not inferior to any other child?
Ans. Tarannum was a handicapped girl. She could not run and play like other child. But, she was intelligent, a good singer and painter. Thus she proved that she was not inferior to any other. child.

C. Word Study:
C.1. Go through the text again and guess the meaning of the following words.
crutches,    clad,    refused,    unfortunate,    outstanding
Crutches  = instrument helpful for walking lame person
clad        = dressed
refused   = declined
unfortunate  = not fortunate
outstanding = good in quality

C.2. Write the opposite meaning of the words:
Accepted   fortunate     ability     failure    forget
accepted – refused
fortunate – unfortunate
ability – disability
failure – success
forget – remember

D. Grammar:

D.1. Conjunction :
Read the following sentences carefully:
(a) I raised my head and saw a girl with crutches standing at the door.
(b). I also asked the girl to sit but she politely refused.

In sentence (a) ‘and’ combines ‘I raised my head’ with (b) saw a girl…..
Similarly, in sentence (b) ‘but’ combines ‘I also asked the girl to sit with ‘she politely refused…..’ Linking words like ‘and’, ‘but’ etc. are called ‘conjuctnions’.
A conjunction is a word or a phrase which connected two words or two phrases or two clauses or two sentences.
Examples: and, or, either …….. or, for, but, also, neither ……… nor, only, after, because, if, so ……. that, that, as, when, while, till, yet, otherwise, as well as etc.

D.1.1. Fill in the blanks with the conjunctions given below.
Hints: So, yet, otherwise, as well as, because
1. I am ill …….. I cannot go to school.
2. We played well ………… we could not win the match.
3. Work hard ………you will fail.
4. She cannot play ……. she is injured.
5. Sonu ……….. Mina is playing.

Ans. 1. so, 2. yet, 3. otherwise, 4. because, 5. as well as.

E. Composition :

E.1 Suppose you are Tarannum. Write an application to the Civil Surgeon of your district to issue you certificate of Physically Challenged Person.

You may start like this:
The Civil Surgeon,

Subject: Certificate of Physically Challenged Person.

I beg to say that
Therefore, I request you to issue me a certificate for the same.
I shall reamin grateful.
Yours faithfully,
Dated: ………

The Civil Surgeon,
Subject: Certificate of Physically Challenged Person.

I beg to say that my left foot is not properly developed. So, I cannot walk in normal course.
Therefore, I request you to issue me a certificate for the same.
I shall remain grateful.
Yours faithfully,
Chhotu Mandal
Haripur, Supaul
Dated: 18.06.2023

F. Translation :
1. मैं स्कूल जा रहा हूँ इसलिए नहीं खेलूँगा ।
2. हमलोग अच्छा खेले तो भी नहीं जीते ।
3. यहाँ आओ वरना मैं तुम्हें पीहूँगा ।
4. मैं नहीं आ सकता क्योंकि मैं बीमार हूँ ।
5. तुम, और वह मेरे दोस्त हैं ।

1. I am going to school, so I shall not play.
2. We played well, yet could not win.
3. Come here otherwise I shall beat you.
4. I cannot come, as I am ill.
5. You as well as he are my friend.

F.2. Translate into your mothertongue :
1. I am reading, so I shall not go to market.
2. We tried, yet we failed.
3. Stop shouting, otherwise the teacher will punish you.
3. I shall help you because you are my friend.
4. He as well as she is happy.

1. मैं पढ़ रहा हूँ, इसलिए बाजार नहीं जाऊँगा ।
2. हमलोगों ने कोशिश की फिर भी असफल हुए ।
3. हल्ला बन्द करो नहीं तो शिक्षक तुम्हें दंड देंगे ।
4. मैं तुम्हें मदद करूँगा क्योंकि तुम मेरे दोस्त हो ।
5. उसके अलावा वह प्रसन्न है ।

G. Language Game: 
G.1.Ladder Game:
Divide the class into two groups. Ask a player to say a word. The player of the opposite group has to make a new word from the last letter of the word. But the word must not end with the letter already used. In other words. the letter once used can’t be repeated.
The game ends because ‘dog’ ends with ‘g’ and ‘g’ is already used earlier.


Q. 1. Who was Manju madam and why she intervied Tarannum ?
Ans. Manju madam was a teacher in the school. She interviewed Tarannum with a view to decide about the class to admit her.

Q. 2. Why did Tarannum not sit even after the offer of the teacher ?
Ans. Tarannum was an innocent girl. To pay much respect to the teacher she politely refused to sit.

Q. 3. Why did the mother of Tarannum call her misfortunate ?
Ans. Tarannum was physically challenged. Her mother took her to many doctors for treatment but in vain. So, she called her misfortunate.

Q. 4. What was the reason which made the mother uncertain about the admission of Tarannum in a school.
Ans. Tarannum’s mother thought that she would not be able to keep pace with other students in the school. So, she was uncertain about her admission.

Q. 5. Write a summary of the lesson, ‘The Girl with Crutches’.
Hint: See the ‘Summary of the Lesson’ on page 121

The Girl With Crutches Class 7th Solutions

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